Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Girl Be

Girl Be Project is an initiative aimed at finding creative ways of empowering  youthful girls  to know their selfworth and be able to exploit their abilities in making our communities better places to live. 
We started in october 2012 with an idea of girls getting to know more about other girls and themselves in a bit. Because selfdiscovery is a journey not a destiny, we advise ourselves to keep trying and learning new skills and ideas and feeling free to always pass on whatever we have learnt to other people regardless of their sex. So far, we do dance, creative writing ie poetry and songwriting and school work sessions every Friday and Sunday at In Movement art for social change kansanga kampala Uganda.
The project has got a section of disadvantaged children aged 5 to 14 years both boys and girls. This group is called IMPACT the effect of what members of Girl Be do. Basically, the empowered girls teach these children primary education , visual art and music and lead them in all the activities right from mobilisation. 
Our next program will be "practical entreprenuer". A volunteer will be teaching us how to print t. shirts which will be priced and marketed by us and displayed in our upcoming craft shop. This program is aimed at teaching us how to discover and exploit our creativity in making income to be able to sustain our activities, provide the basic requirements of life to the members and test the benefits of financial freedom or being able to live financially independent.
Any form of support to the project will be highly appreciated

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+25618404059 Nanyonga Rehema Nsanyiwa-Director